Hair Care Guide

Getting clip in hair can be cheaper, faster and healthier for your hair than getting the traditional glue in extensions. It can be a quick way to add volume, thickness and length in minutes. It’s also very easy to maintain. A few steps below will help you on maintaining your clip in hair extensions.

1. Comb your hair with a brush or a comb and take all knots and tangles out.

2. Gently wet the clip in hair with warm water.

3. Softly and gently put a small amount of shampoo in the hair. Use shampoo which is SULFATE FREE.

4. Go ahead and rise out the shampoo from the clip in hair extensions.

5. Now, please apply a small amount of conditioner. This will help making it easier to comb once the hair is dried.

6. After rinsing out the conditioner please leave it out to air dry.

Please repeat these steps once or twice a week.

Tip 1: Always good to wash the hair in bath tub or a laundry sink with an extended water cord.

Tip 2: If your extensions look a bit dry, leave a mild conditioner over night and rise it out in the morning.

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